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Jordan dream

When I was a student, like sports very much, especially basketball. My height is not low, 180 cm. When school has held the friendship of teachers and students, because my basketball game in the school basketball skills are good, so be selected. Then heart was full of joy, can play basketball and teacher, think let people excited, excited! Approach, see the teachers all “Jordan” equipment, as students of our eyes are red, oneself wear and teachers is simply didn’t wear than ah. Thought, if I could have a pair of Jordan basketball shoes that this much good! Throughout the game process, although we students score and teachers, behind only the similar points. Although our physical quality is good, but the teachers are not poor. We dare to jump, dare to blunt, teachers more dare! Why? Because they are better equipped than we! Shoes damping performance is bad, the high jump, the whereabouts of shock; feet badly Shoes friction is not big, run fast efforts and fell not car brake pain and imagine the last game of the results. Although we lost, but also have no way to win back our own work, etc, to oneself also equipped with a pair of “Jordan” brand basketball shoes. Don’t know it because there are so an experience, so I to air Jordan shoes special endearment.


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