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Rosetta stone student discount

Rosetta stone language learning software is a perfect gift for a student because it includes interactive Rosetta stone student discount with voice recognition technology ownership. It allows students to develop their language skills through reading, writing, and speaking the language. Building one’s vocabulary, the individual becomes able to negotiate complex situations and share their ideas and opinions. The companion audio CD can bemused on a CD or MP3 player. There is also Rosetta stone application for iPhone or iPod. In addition, the online community and live interactive sessions offered by the software allows students to practice the new language with people who speak the language. RS The Company has employed the use of millions of samples of speech. With these samples, the speech recognition algorithms and software models are designed to teach a student to speak accuracy and confidence.

Rosetta stone has a different methodology then the typical language-learning course. The program doesn’t focus on translating English words into French. Instead the Rosetta stone language course teaches you the language as if French is the first language you have ever learned. At the beginning of the course you are presented with a series of pictures and words. You are asked to match the French words with the familiar images. If you make a mistake the software doesn’t let you move on until after you have made the right matches. Slowly those words turn into phrases, which turn into sentences, and before you know it you are fluent in Rosetta stone French.


The idea behind this type of learning is to get you thinking in French instead of thinking of the English word and then converting it into French, which is a big advantage of this particular course. Another key component of the Rosetta stone version 3 systems is the voice recognition software. The program will listen to you attempt to speak French and give you pointers on inflection and punctuation. Rosetta stone has the best voice recognition software of all the courses I reviewed.


The Rosetta stone software enables you to create your own learning path by choosing to redo or skip any exercise you want. The progress tracker helps you determine which exercises would be the most beneficial based on your own personal strengths and deficiencies. Another nice feature of Rosetta stone is that it teaches you grammar on an example by example basis. You never have to learn a single grammar rule.